2. Pinky and daughter-in-law Sanaya Anklesaria cherishing DS Gowns

Pinky and daughter-in-law Sanaya Anklesaria cherishing DS Gowns

-by Premangi Khagram


We are mesmerized by the way Sanaya Anklesaria is gazing at the world Shan-se, as she is just a nine-yard wonder absolutely looking at her best in our peach one-sleeved fish-shaped gown.  With color talking her fashion-eye, she added finesse to the look, giving curls on the middle part amplifying the yothinzed appeal.

Aww, see this! She looks like a dream with a bracelet and eye-makeup flattering on her skin tone. The embroidered fragrance of peach is accentuated even more with her Sunbath mood.

Just the way Sanaya wants to be; dancing on the beats of her husband’s heart! Doesn’t she look breathtaking?

‘All hail the queen’ as, Sanaya’s mother-in-law looks perfect in this ethereal marron ensemble with frills on one side giving a spill-binding look. Mehendi designs on her hands are womanly love with party vibes too!

 Tikki with Sali tassels in Kardana detailing on the non-sleeved side personifies romance and true craftsmanship. Added flowery neck-layer and headpiece on the classic crepe is giving us a fresh summery vibe.

Dress up bridal-ly this summer, and pamper yourself with such dreamy collection.