4. Hint's of Dipali Shah's 'Sorbet Tones of Spring' collection

Ancient European Renaissance Architecture

Hints of DS’s ‘Sorbet Tones of Spring’ collection


-by Premangi Khagram


Speaking of the ocean of fashion, DS Couture will break the conventional bars of fashion. ‘Sorbet Tones of Spring’- the most awaiting and extremely fashionable collection will take ahead the signature elements of European Renaissance roots distilling them to a vision that has strong color and crafts of India.


  1. The Embellished Embroideries

 The Extravagant kardana embroidery having geometrical patterns and embellishments with ruffles and organza’s details enhanced in the collection is portraying European Renaissance’s timeless value system and urban outlook.

  1. Powder blues

Powder blue gives major chills as nothing but the colour is enough to mainstream the ‘shaddi’ feeling.

  1. The Flat sketches

The sketch pictures bring up the designer’s work creating a collection of garments leading to be the future of fashion.

  1. The shuttle Architecture

The character of the traditional European craftsmanship of each garment in this collection is eye relieving. The collection portrays the European threads showcasing the shapes arranged in columns, lintels, semi-circular arches and hemispherical domes along with silver-white embellishments which play a classic role in presenting ethnicity of the collection.

Pastel love tone, summer romance-centric garment feel, and to the synonym of Elegance, ‘Sorbet Tones of Spring’ collection will create new benchmarks of the biggest couture trends for a trending fashion market.